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Note, when emailing us please specify your address and account number.
For all account, billing, invoice queries etc, please email us.

To open/close accounts at tenancy end or if you wish to change your account to other parties during tenancy, please email us.

For emergency or safety concerns, please contact your landlord or property manager immediately and also email us, advising us of the situation so we are informed of the issue.

You are emailed monthly invoices for usage from the first day of the month to the last day of the month.

Your monthly invoices will usually be emailed to you between the 1st to 4th day of each month.

Your invoices will always have actual usage readings, we never do estimated readings like some other companies. This allows you to always know what you are being billed for, is for what amount of electricity you have consumed for that month.

We read your meters on the last day of the month.

You are not charged for your monthly meter readings for your monthly invoices.

You are not charged for start or end of account meter readings.

Your monthly readings only provide us with the total consumption of electricity consumed in your property for that month. We can’t determine electricity consumed daily, weekly or other. We also can’t determine what appliances, devices or any other items in your property consume what amount of electricity.

Your electricity rate is stated in your monthly invoices and on your joining form.

The Terms and Conditions of your account are provided with your joining form, if at any stage you wish to be provided with another copy of these Terms and Conditions, please email us.

You have a prompt payment discount of 15%, to utilise this prompt payment discount payment must be in our bank account within 7 days of the date of the invoice.

Your joining form states for you to enter if anyone who resides at the address we supply electricity to, is medically dependent or vulnerable in relation to the supply of electricity. If you have checked NO to these answers initially and the situation then changes, please email us immediately specifying the details of the person who is medically dependent or vulnerable in relation to the supply of electricity.

if you have a complaint please mail us at for our free complaints process. If we cannot resolve your complaint, you can contact Utilities Disputes 0800 22 33 40 or go to

Utilities Disputes is a free and independent service for resolving complaints about utilities providers

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